Advantages of Computer Graphics:

The main advantages of computer graphics are as follows:

1. It provides tools for producing pictures not only of concrete real world objects but also of abstract, synthetic objects such as mathematical surface in 4D and of data that have no
inherent geometry such as survey results.

2. It has the ability to show moving pictures and thus it is possible to produce animations with computer graphics.

3. With computer graphics user can also control the animation speed, portion of the view, the goniometric relationship the object in the scene to one another, the amount of details shown and

4. The computer graphics provides tool called Motion dynamics. With this tools user can move and tumble objects with respects to a stationary observer. or he can make objects stationary and
the viewer moving around them. A typical example is walk through made by builder to show flat interior and building surroundings. In many case it is also possible to move both objects and viewer.

5. The computer graphics also provides facility called update dynamics. With up date dynamics it is possible to change the shape, color or other properties of the objects being viewed.

6. With the recent development of digital signal processing (DSP) and audio synthesis chip the interactive graphics can now provide audio feedback along with the graphical feedbacks to make the simulated environment even more realistic.

What is Graphics Software and Examples