Applications of Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics is used in a variety of field ranging from routine everyday activities to very specialized area in widely different fields, including business, industry and engineer, medicine, government work, education and Training, advertising research art and entertainment and communication in general.

Some of the major application areas are listed below:-

Applications of Computer Graphics

  1. Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CAD and CADD)
  2. Presentation graphics.
  3. Entertainment
  4. Computer Aided learning (CAL)
  5. Computer Art
  6. Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  7. Internet
  8. Education
  9. Geographical information system (GIS)
  10. Training

1. Computer Aided Design/Drafting:- A major use of computer graphic is in design process, particularly for engineering application such as building and other structural design, mechanical and industrial processes, including that of automobiles and aircraft, ships and spacecraft and many other product.

Current computer-aided design software packages range from 2D vector-based drafting system to 3D solid and surface modellers. Modern CAD packages can also frequently allow rotations in three dimensions, allowing viewing of a designed object from any desired angle, even from the inside looking out.

2. Presentation Graphics:- Here “Presentation” refers to the act of presenting important points of a topic to

(a) The audience for a lecture

(b) Potential customer for a new product o service etc.

The presentation of data in a condensed visual convenient form has always been an aid to understanding and promoting the idea. Computer graphics has raised such presentations to an art from by making the visuals attractive and colourful without the special artistic skills through slides and animations.

3. Entertainment :- Computer graphics methods are used in making music videos, games, cartoon, movies, television shows etc. Sometimes the graphics scenes are displayed by themselves and sometimes graphics objects are combined with the actors and live scenes.

4. Computer Aided Learning:- Computer generated models of physical financial and economic systems are often used as educational aids. Computer graphic tools such as microsoft PowerPoint are very heavily used in teaching seminar and conference presentation on almost every subject at every level. the interactive nature of the computer graphics is a vital component of the teaching learning process.

5. Computer Art:- Computer Graphics method are widely used in both fine art and commercial art applications. The ability to create any shape and play with any color that one can imagine through the medium of the computer has given the artist a wonderful palate and point brush for use on an unlimited canvas.

In recent year CG concepts and techniques have been applied to advertising an other commercial art.

6. Graphical user interface (GUI):- One can not use any package of recent times without observing the many graphic items present and available on the screen to guide the user. Most software developed today must have a GUI for user friendly and interactive function.

7. Internet:- Web graphics are visual representations used on a Web site to enhance or enable the representation of an idea or feeling, in order to reach the Web site user.

8. Education:- Computer generated models are extremely useful for teaching huge number of concepts and fundamentals in an easy to understand and learn manner. Using computer graphics many educational models can be created through which more interest can be generated among the students regarding the subject.

9. Geographical information system (GIS):- A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that analyses and displays geographically referenced information. It uses data that is attached to a unique location with the help of Computer Graphic.

10. Training:- Specialised system for training like simulators can be used for training the candidates in a way that can be grasped in a short span of time with better understanding. Creation of training modules using computer graphics is simple and very useful. For Example Airplane Simulation used Computer Graphics to learn how to fly airplane.

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