MDU University BCA 5th Semester Syllabus, Visual Basic.

BCA 5th Semester Syllabus
BCA – 304 : Visual Basic


Introduction to VB: Visual & non-visual programming, Procedural, Object-oriented and event driven programming languages, The VB environment: Menu bar, Toolbar, Project explorer, Toolbox, Properties window, Form designer, Form layout, Immediate window. Visual Development and Event Driven programming. 


Basics of Programming: Variables: Declaring variables, Types of variables, Converting variables types, User-defined data types, Forcing variable declaration, Scope & lifetime of variables. Constants: Named & intrinsic. Operators: Arithmetic, Relational & Logical operators. I/O in VB: Various controls for I/O in VB, Message box, Input Box, Print statement. 


 Programming with VB: Decisions and conditions: If statement, If-then-else, Select-case. Looping statements: Do-loops, For-next, While-wend, Exit statement. Nested control structures. Arrays: Declaring and using arrays, one-dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays, Static & dynamic arrays, Arrays of array. Collections: Adding, Removing, Counting, Returning items in a collection, Processing a collection.


Programming with VB: Procedures: General & event procedures, Subroutines, Functions, Calling procedures, Arguments- passing mechanisms, Optional arguments, Named arguments, Functions returning custom data types, Functions returning arrays. Working with forms and menus : Adding multiple forms in VB, Hiding & showing forms, Load & unload statements, creating menu, submenu, popup menus, Activate & deactivate events, Form-load event, menu designing in VB Simple programs in VB.


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