MDU University BCA 5th Semester Syllabus, Data Communication and Networking.


BCA 5th Semester Syllabus

BCA – 303 : Data Communication and Networking


Introduction to Computer Communications and Networking Technologies; Uses of Computer Networks; Network Devices, Nodes, and Hosts; Types of Computer Networks and their Topologies; Network Software: Network Design issues and Protocols; Connection-Oriented and Connectionless Services; Network Applications and Application Protocols; Computer Communications and Networking Models: Decentralized and Centralized Systems, Distributed Systems, Client/Server Model, Peer-to-Peer Model, Web Based Model, Network Architecture and the OSI Reference Model, TCP/IP reference model, Example Networks: The Internet, X.25, Frame Relay, ATM. 


Analog and Digital Communications Concepts: Concept of data, signal, channel, bid-rate , maximum data-rate of channel, Representing Data as Analog Signals, Representing Data as Digital Signals, Data Rate and Bandwidth, Capacity, Baud Rate; Asynchronous and synchronous transmission, data encoding techniques, Modulation techniques, Digital Carrier Systems; Guided and Wireless Transmission Media; Communication Satellites; Switching and Multiplexing; Dialup Networking; Analog Modem Concepts; DSL Service. 


Data Link Layer: Framing, Flow Control, Error Control; Error Detection and Correction; Sliding Window Protocols; Media Access Control: Random Access Protocols, Token Passing Protocols; Token Ring; Introduction to LAN technologies: Ethernet, switched Ethernet, VLAN, fast Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, Wireless LANs; Bluetooth; Network Hardware Components: Connectors, Transceivers, Repeaters, Hubs, Network Interface Cards and PC Cards, Bridges, Switches, Routers, Gateways. 


Network Layer and Routing Concepts: Virtual Circuits and Datagrams; Routing Algorithms: Flooding, Shortest Path Routing, Distance Vector Routing; Link State Routing, Hierarchical Routing; Congestion Control Algorithms; Internetworking; Network Security Issues: Security threats; Encryption Methods; Authentication; Symmetric – Key Algorithms; Public-Key Algorithms.

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