Introduction to Online Analytical Processing and Data Mart

Introduction to Online Analytical Processing and Data Mart

Online Analytical Processing

OLAP is computer processing that enables a user to easily and selectively extract and view data from different point of view. OLAP is best known technology that allows a user to slice and dice data or drill-down into data. OLAP is technology that uses a multidimensional view of aggregate data to offer fast access to strategic for the purpose of advanced analysis, deeper understanding.

Role of the OLAP Server in the Data Warehouse

OLAP servers deliver warehouse applications such as performance reporting, sales forecasting product line and customer profitability, sales analysis, marketing analysis, what-if analysis and manufacturing mix analysis applications that require historical,
projected and derived data. With OLAP servers’ robust calculation engines, historical data is made vastly more useful by transforming it into derived and projected data. Users gain broader insights by combining standard access tools with a powerful analytic engine.

Data Marts

A data mart is a simple form of data warehouse that is focused on a single subject like sales, Finance, Marketing. Data marts are often built and controlled by a single department with in an organization. Data marts usually takes data from only a few sources because of single subject. The Sources could be internal operational systems a central data warehouse or external data. Data marts improve end-user response time ny allowing user to have access to the specific type of data.


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