What is MIS? Definition, Objectives and Components.

What is MIS? Definition, Objectives and Components. Definition MIS Can be defined as a system that: Provides information to support managerial functions like planning , organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. It collects information in a systematic and a routine manner which is in accordance with a well defined set of rules. It includes files, hardware, … Read more

MDU University BCA 5th Semester Syllabus, Management Information System (MIS).

 BCA 5th Semester Syllabus BCA – 301: MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM (MIS) UNIT – I  Introduction to system and Basic System Concepts, Types of Systems, The Systems Approach, Information System: Definition & Characteristics, Types of information, Role of Information in Decision-Making, Sub-Systems of an Information system: EDP and MIS management levels, EDP/MIS/DSS. UNIT –II An overview … Read more